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What are Wing-Its?

a commission type where the only directions that may be provided are visual design references and a few of your character's personality traits and quirks.Due to the nature of wing-its, sketches or WIPs may not be shown. Edits are not allowed UNLESS I missed a detail/marking/design element that was clearly provided. If it was not in the original reference images, no modifications may be made.


  • good-natured

  • cheerful

  • voracious vegetarian

  • loves bringing back spoils from adventures

Acceptable visual references

References contain at least one image per character that shows their color scheme, any detail shots and/or extra images that depict design elements.


"my character is a calm and collected master swordsman who always carries his twin katanas. I want him to hold the blue sword in his mouth and the red sword in his right hand. His left hand should be resting on a sheath at his side. He should be smirking with one eye closed and one leg up on a rock at a crossroads..."

Unacceptable visual references

References contain zero images that show the characters’ color scheme, pose suggestions, extra images that do not depict any design elements on the character(s), and/or illegible screenshots.

I am only offering "Wing-It" commissions, effective for an indefinite amount of time. I apologize for any inconveniences.

Composition Types



Includes shoulders, chest, and usually one hand.

Commission - Half Body

Half Body (Simple)


Cuts off anywhere between the hip and thigh depending on the composition.

Half Body (Render)


Cuts off anywhere between the hip and thigh depending on the composition.

Commission - Half Body

Extra fees will be applied for detailed designs.

Additional Options

  • 2 characters (doubles the base price)

  • Simple natural environment background such as sky, grass, and/or foliage (+25% of base price)

  • Weapons, props, and/or small creatures (quote will be provided after reviewing)

  • Powder Rune's OC discount (-10% off base price. If adding the "2 characters" option, please contact me to discuss possibilities when including other OCs)

  • Hero/Champion tier patron discount (-5% off base price)

Terms of Service


  • I do not take commissions on a first come, first served basis.

  • I may decline requests for any reason (difficult, uncomfortable, poor references, not interested, etc).

  • You are only purchasing a digital image file (.png).

  • No private commissions; all work will be posted online.

  • If you want me to write something specific and/or put a watermark on the source post, please let me know prior to starting your commission.

I Will Draw

  • OCs and fan art

  • Anthropomorphic and furry characters

  • Animals

  • Simple fantasy weapons and armor

I Will NOT Draw

  • Characters without visual references

  • Character designs, including multiple links or albums of separated reference parts that need to be combined

  • Reference sheets and turnarounds

  • Elaborate backgrounds

  • Mechas, vehicles, or complex machinery

  • Genderbends

  • Fetish and "hard" NSFW content, including but not limited to pornography and sexual intercourse. If you have any questions about specifics, please contact me directly.

Approved on a Case-by-Case Basis

  • Alternate images (+30% of base price)

  • Only one (1) alt image is allowed

  • Must be simple

  • No alts where any part has to be redrawn, modified, or transformed in the second image. (ie. skindentations in thigh high > no thigh high alts; hands open > fists clenched alts)

  • Facial expression alts are OK as long as the head shape and angle does not need modifications.

Note: Text and dialogue alts are free.

Payment and Refund Policy

  • Prices are in USD.

  • Full payment is required upfront via Paypal or Stripe.

  • I will send an invoice to you when I have accepted your commission.

  • Invoices must be paid within 72 hours.

  • Full refunds will only be provided if for some reason I am unable to deliver your commission within 180 days after payment.

  • No refunds will be provided for completed artwork.

  • Partial refunds will be provided if you decide to back out for any reason, have poor communication, or exhibit inappropriate/aggressive behavior during the process. The refund amount is at my discretion depending on how much work was done.

  • If you back out of a partially-finished commission or initiate a chargeback without my consent, you will lose all rights over the commission piece and I will be free to re-utilize it, re-purpose it, and/or use it for profit.


  • I may not finish commissions in the chronological order that I have received them.

  • Turnover time is approximately 1 week per drawing. If you're in a queue with 2 others, expect about 3 weeks' wait after payment.

  • Commission queue and progress can be viewed on Trello. Feel free to contact me at any time for any reason, but for quick, simple questions such as “how far are you along the queue list?” keep in mind that the answer may be easily found on Trello!

  • For Wing-its, edits are not allowed UNLESS I missed a detail/marking/design element that was clearly provided. If it was not in the original reference images, no modifications may be made.


  • The commissioned artwork may not be edited without my consent, redistributed, reproduced, or used for profit, which includes but is not limited to paid digital downloads, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), AI generation, and physical merchandise.

  • Commissioned artwork is for personal and noncommercial use only unless otherwise discussed.

  • If you wish to use commissioned artwork on a platform that you generate income with (Affiliate or Partner Twitch accounts, monetized YouTube channels, etc) please email me at [email protected] to request commercial use for an additional fee.

  • I retain all rights to the artwork itself. I may use the commissioned piece for promotional purposes. If I want to create merchandise with the commissioned piece, I will seek your permission and must receive your full consent to do so.

  • You may use your commissioned artwork for character galleries, avatars, forum signatures, and other personal, noncommercial uses, but please credit me*.

  • You may repost the commissioned artwork, but please credit me*.

  • If posting my artwork to large groups (ie. Discord servers, Reddit), please credit me*.

* Preferably, credit includes a link back to https://twitter.com/PowderRune or my original post, but when inconvenient, mentioning "Powder Rune" is enough, thank you!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding my TOS, feel free to email me at [email protected] to discuss. Thank you for your interest in my work!

Digital artist and rabbit enthusiast. Inspired by anime, video games, and Dungeons & Dragons. Illustrates kemonomimi and medieval fantasy themes.

Please do not repost, copy, edit, or profit off of my work.